Update: Meeting with SB County– GOLETA WILL BE OPEN THROUGH APRIL 31st 2013

Happy Saturday. Our meeting with the Santa Barbara County on Thursday went well and here are the updates.We will be OPEN starting Sept 13th from 11am to 4pm Thursday though Monday. Goleta will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Santa Barbara will be open 7 days a week 7am-7pm right now and from 8am-6pm starting the 17th of this month. We are finalizing a new storage location for the kayaks and SUPs on the grass closer to the beach which is why we will not be open until the 13th.Goleta will be OPEN until April 31st 2013. On May 1st 2013 our permit expires and we have not been given any reassurance that a new permit will be available by then, although it is possible. Since we have been working with the County we have learned not to expect anything and to be cautious when moving forward with planning.For those of you wondering “Why only 5 days a week?” We thought long and hard about this decision and we suffered two pretty serious blows that have affected our initial plan to be open 7 days a week.1. Momentum and Trust- We relied on the County and you all relied upon us. When this fell apart we managed the transition poorly and thus have to regain your trust and rebuild momentum.2. Long term concession- We were promised, both verbally and in writing, that a long-term concession was being worked on and we would be operating for an initial term of 5 years. Unfortunately this is not being honored, and the term of our permit will be enforced at 1 year, thus ending our Goleta operation on April 31st, 2013. While a longer term concession is very possible, we cannot rely on that.Because of these two factors, the hours that we have decided upon are reflective of the patterns of use since July 1st and what we are willing to invest in an off-season beach operation with no long term guarantees.

Goleta Slough

Perk of the new location… paddle the flat water of the Goleta Slough.

Once again, thank you for your patience while we sorted this out. Don’t forget to sign-up for the Battle of the Paddle (and don’t worry about the competition, it’s a friendly race!)Stupendously, Garrett

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