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Mermaids Sighted on OCEAN DAY

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Paddling on Glass

Picture yourself standing on the Sterns Wharf in Santa Barbara on an overcast day. It’s quiet and still; no waves crashing just the soft sound of the ripples lapping against the pylons. No one is around, and the water is one endless mirror reflecting the sky and boats. This is a day for paddling. Most folks wait until sunny days, when the waves are high and the winds are howling, but the best days are… Read more »

Life on Scorpion Rock

As I approached the west end of Scorpion Rock, I could see the swift rippling current sweep down coast.  Then without warning a gray whale breached about 60 feet from me, its wake tipping my kayak back and forth, its mouth agape and flushed with seawater.  If that wasn’t enough, a second gray breached but without the ferocity of its counterpart.  They showed themselves a few times more leaving their footprints, the only smooth,… Read more »

Early Birds

When native species on islands are rescued, they’re a prime example of what can be accomplished in conservation. Because island species are so concentrated, that once an invasive species is removed and human impacts minimized, the results can be astounding in a short period of time. Take into account the bald eagle recovery project on the Channel Islands National Park. The majestic raptors had been extinct across the chain for over 50 years due… Read more »

Where Have They Been for so Long?

This past July, researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and National Park Service (NPS) discovered that California Common Murre (Uria aalge californica) chicks hatched for the first time since 1912 on the Channel Islands. Historically, murres nested on Prince Island—a small, rocky islet off San Miguel Island within Channel Islands National Park. This colony disappeared nearly a century ago, a likely result of human disturbance and egg harvesting. In California, Common Murres are… Read more »