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Mermaids Sighted on OCEAN DAY

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Initiation Paddle

It was late June and a warm night was about to fall. I had let the rest of the staff go home and I stood behind the counter, counting the sales for the day. I heard a group coming through the back door and looked up to see a gaggle of guides, mermaids and friends mosey through the back door. They shouted their hellos and set about socializing and putting on gear. I watched… Read more »

Sea Hunt

They porpoised westward with a real purpose. They knew where they were going. Nothing was going to deny them, and it was really fun to take it all in. I wasn’t alone. It was Easter weekend and lead guide training was finished for leading kayak trips at the Channel Islands National Park. The Island Packer boat was bursting with visitors. It was cloudy and cold. It had rained in the early morning. All the… Read more »

’90 Minutes of Separation’

’90 Minutes of Separation’ Check out Channel Islands Outfitters’ guide Chuck Graham (Pebbles) in the news! In our previous edition of 90 Minutes of Separation, we shared our dining experience at the Anacapa Brewing Company. The tasty vittles and brew were a fitting leadup to the following day when we were scheduled to board the morning boat for Santa Cruz Islands. The next morning, the weather broke beautiful and after an hour’s cruise aboard… Read more »

Lone Woman of San Nicholas Island

Last February I had the opportunity to spend one full day on San Nicholas Island. It was the only Channel Island I hadn’t touched down on. The 20-minute flight out of Point Mugu Naval Base was interesting. I sat in the back of the plane and watched the 30-seater repeatedly bow inward against powerful northwest winds, turbulent white-capped seas as far as I could see. Once we landed visibility fluctuated from poor to nonexistent… Read more »

Black Rock: Backpack across the volcanic spine of Santa Cruz Island

Ducking out from under the canopy of island oaks I headed southeast swapping out between old ranching roads and steep single track trails winding toward the ominous ridgeline of Montanon on Santa Cruz Island. The Channel Islands National Park owns only 24 percent of the largest island off the California coast, and this is arguably the best way to experience its relatively lush flora surrounding Prisoners Harbor, in contrast to the more arid southeast… Read more »