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All News from 2013 to date has been posted to Facebook Experience the Channel Islands and Other Eco-Adventures with CarbonFree® Partner CIO
Sept 12, 2013
The Channel Islands National Park, off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA, is one of the most astounding and best-kept-secret wilderness attractions in the U.S. It is the only National Park that isn’t open for vehicle traffic and does not charge an entrance fee. New CarbonFree® Business Partner Channel Islands Outfitters (CIO) offers tours to experience this natural amusement park, as well as other guided kayaking, sea cave exploration, hiking, backpacking expeditions and multi-sport adventures.
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Bucket List Nation: Channel Islands National Park
Sept 11, 2013
Channel Islands National Park is one of the least visited national parks in the United States, and its easy to see that the lack of tourists have left it feeling rugged, remote and disconnected from the rest of the world. Coming here almost feels like going to the end of the world and having your own private paradise to play in. I think the lack of crowds is probably caused by the fact that there are so many other competing things to do in Southern California but this was actually the best nature experience I have had in California.
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San Jose Mercury News: Happy Wanderer
Sept 11, 2013
Buffalo, eagles and wolves. You expect to see these in our national parks. Garibaldis — not so much. Yet, the waters were teaming with the curious creatures my son likened to clown fish in “Finding Nemo.” Like a giant aquarium, fish were darting through the kelp as we bobbed on the surface above.
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LA Parent: Ocean Day Tripping
April, 2013
Kayaking through sea caves, hiking on an island and custom cooking are among many recreational and sightseeing activities found practically in our backyard. Whether for a day trip or an overnight stay, nearby Oxnard and Ventura are well worth the drive.
View Full article ’90 Minutes of Separation’: Kayak the Channel Islands’ legendary sea caves
February 3, 2013
In our previous edition of 90 Minutes of Separation, we shared our dining experience at the Anacapa Brewing Company. The tasty vittles and brew were a fitting leadup to the following day when we were scheduled to board the morning boat for Santa Cruz Island.
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March, 11, 2013
A few weeks ago, in need of a little adventurous change of scenery, my wife and I loaded up the car with our favorite CDs and snacks for our annual “state-cation.” I couldn’t wait to hit the road and crank up Bruce Springsteen’s “Wrecking Ball” while basking in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.
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Santa Barbara Sentinel: A Brew with a View
January, 18, 2013
(Page 3-4) Spring Has Sprung In SB (For A While Anyway) Matt Heads Down To The Harbor For Brophy's And Some Fun In The Sun
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7x7SF: Ventura: A Southern California Roadtrip Stop
January, 10, 2013
The trek along the coast to Southern California takes some time, but there’s never much concern about growing bored. Popular destinations like Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Barbara offer places to stretch your legs and enjoy the view. Tucked in between the better known stops are quintessential coastal towns also worth checking out along the way. Some of them, like Ventura, might even have you adjusting the itinerary. View Full article

SB Independent: Three Days in the Channel
November 14, 2012
Dewy fog ascended the steep canyon walls near Coche Point, on the southeast end of Santa Cruz Island. Aided by perpetual northwest winds howling across the Santa Barbara Channel, the dense overcast swirled upward, banking off weathered crags and the nameless ridge we scrambled toward to reach Montanon ridgeline. View Full article

Lifeabsorbed: The Channel Islands: Kayaking + Camping
October 24, 2012
We chose Channel Island Outfitters as our kayaking company, and they were excellent. As challenging as it was, our kayaking group really ranged in age and abilities and yet there were zero complaints. They really accommodated everyone well. We started by heading toward Cavern Point and then looped back to see Scorpion Rock, and if anyone was too tired to continue there was a spot where people had the option to end their day (or go snorkeling), but our whole group kept at it. View Full article

San Joaquin Magazine: Ventura & Oxnard Gateways to the Channel Islands National Park
January 2012
Have you ever wondered what California's coastal geography looked like 400 years ago? if you have, consider a visit to Channel Islands National Park, comprised of five islands located in a serene eight-island archipelago. View Full article

Weekend Sherpa: Potato Pirates
September 2011
Battling ocean waves and exploring mysterious caverns doesn't just happen in pirate movies. Test your mettle and take to the sea surrounding Santa Cruz Island with the pros at Channel Islands Outfitters. They lead guided kayak trips for overnight campers who get exclusive rights to a 6-mile open-ocean tour to secluded Potato Harbor. View Full article

SD Magazine: Exploring the Channel Islands
August 2011
Diverse and ecologically rich with 2,000 terrestrial plants and animals, these islands are often called the Galapagos of North America. Ventura, California: Home to an 18th-century mission, the Patagonia headquarters, and great surf. In the past, the town represented a series of freeway exits that I'd blow past en route to points north announcing that Santa Barbara was only 25 miles away. But recently, the sleepy surf town has taken on a new meaning as the gateway to the alluring archipelago of the Channel Islands. View Full article

Action Sports Journal: Channeling Pelagic Aspirations
June 2011
I stepped off the Island Packers ferry onto the sturdy dock at Prisoners Harbor, primed for a hilly, 13-mile trail run back to my kayak and campsite at Scorpion Anchorage located at the southeast end of Santa Cruz Island. View Full article

Newshawk: Garrett Kababik of Channel Islands Outfitters Always Up for Adventure
June 3, 2011
“Work, food and leisure are all important parts to making a whole person,” said Garrett Kababik, owner of Channel Islands Outfitters, who believes outdoor activity and leisure time are integral to wellness and community. A Boy Scout trip at age 13 turned Kababik on to a career he never imagined possible. After a week of canoeing on the Delaware Water Gap, he witnessed his guide being paid and a light bulb went on. View Full article

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