Photos of the Week: Channel Islands National Park – Brown Pelican

Paddling through the Northwesterly Swell, I stop and look. A lone pelican looks out to Scorpion Anchorage. Standing like a dignitary, it holds me in my tracks. The pelican is the nobility out on the water. They fly with grace, coasting on the innocent play of swell and wind just inches above the water. At that height they have enough loft to travel many miles with little effort. They line up like planes preparing for take-off on an aircraft carrier.  Waiting for their turn to take flight.  This is a bird of the ocean, a bird of the America’s.  This species nearly went extinct back in the 1970’s from DDT use with our thirst for a ‘green revolution’.  Yet they are resilient.  Their population has come back strong, and is here to stay.  I hope you find as much wonder as I do in these marvelous creatures.

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