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Paddling on Glass

calm day blogPicture yourself standing on the Sterns Wharf in Santa Barbara on an overcast day. It’s quiet and still; no waves crashing just the soft sound of the ripples lapping against the pylons. No one is around, and the water is one endless mirror reflecting the sky and boats. This is a day for paddling. Most folks wait until sunny days, when the waves are high and the winds are howling, but the best days are ones like today. When its foggy and quiet, there is a calm to the atmosphere. A serenity that takes you out of your high traffic lifestyle.

“It’s too cold” you might say, but if you were to come by the Paddle Sports Center in the harbor you could borrow a cozy neoprene top or wetsuit that will keep you warm. Not to mention the hot outdoor shower on site! The water is clear, the visibility breathtaking and once you get into the kelp beds, you won’t even remember the lack of sun. If you’re new at the latest fad of stand-up paddle boarding, the Paddle Sports Center also offers SUP Lessons. One of the hardest parts of learning to Stand-up Paddle Board is balance, but when the water is smooth so is your ride. If you’re not up for a fun filled lesson with our energetic staff, you can glide out on your own in a kayak or SUP.Paddle down from Hendry's beach on SUP

On overcast, calm days the sea life is exceptional. Avid paddlers could share countless stories about whales surfacing feet from their board or dolphins leaping high out of the water. If those aren’t enough reasons to try something new today and paddle out, Paddle Sports Center is offering 25% off stand-up paddle board and kayak rentals for the first two weeks of June (before noon!) in preparation for the infamous “June gloom”. So you could wait to paddle until a sunny day, but me? I’ll be sliding across glass on days like today.

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