Mission Creek Clean-Up

Helping  hands led the day at 8:30am. Horny Toad, REI, Channel Islands Outfitters, and members of the local community set out lend a humble hand in helping Mother Earth. Although not  meant to exist in our local waterway, many pieces of styrofoam, plastic debris, abondaned shoes, painted wood, cigarette butts, broken glass and other pieces were collected and removed.   It’s funny, another message in a bottle was even found.  The first showing up at Anacapa Island during a clean-up a few month’s prior.  All parties are trying to raise awareness of the importance of watersheds and to better mobilize people.  People to do just something, anything during our distracting days.  We all work long hours and cherish moments where we can leave the office and do a small part in setting good intention.Ready to do your small part – a couple of our favorites are below. Enjoy!Santa Barbara Outdoor VolunteersMission Creek Fish Passage Projects

It is our mission to save the oceans and natural places by fostering an understanding of them through education, adventures and outdoor experiences.