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Scorpion Marine Reserve | Santa Cruz Island | Channel Islands National Park


Santa Cruz Island is the perfect place for a day or camping trip. The Scorpion area of Santa Cruz Island is one of the easiest areas of Channel Islands National Park to reach with mild conditions and a diversity of recreational activities. Thanks to the ease of beach access, nearby campground, healthy kelp forests, and clear ocean water Scorpion Beach is a world-class destination of mixed sand and cobblestone that offers access to snorkeling, kayaking, diving and swimming.

Scorpion Marine Reserve is just one of 12 marine protected areas located within the waters of Channel Islands National Park and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Although regulations differ depending on the exact type of marine protected area that one visits, each marine protected area places restrictions on the recreational and commercial fishing that can be done in a given area. For visitors that join Channel Islands Outfitters at Scorpion Marine Reserve, this means that each visitor has a greater opportunity to view and experience the marine species that make the Channel Islands such a special place. Both paddlers and snorkelers visiting Scorpion Marine Reserve have the opportunity to explore a destination that possesses additional levels of protection resulting in a higher quantity and diversity of marine wildlife such as Harbor Seals, Bat Rays, Leopard Sharks, California Spiny Lobster, Garibaldi, Horn Sharks, California Sheephead, Calico Bass, Spider Crab, Kelp Crab, sea urchins, sea stars, nudibranchs, and a variety of other sea creatures.

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