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Sea Caves of Scorpion Rock Kayaking Adventure

CAMPERS ONLY! This is a morning adventure for the ambitious who like early morning light on the ocean


$99 + ferry transportation *
Adventure Co-Op Members Price: $89.10/ea
Discounts Available for Groups & NonProfits

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  • * Ferry Tkts
Location:Scorpion Ranch, East Santa Cruz Island
Main Activity:Exploring Sea Caves by Kayak
Duration:1 hr Guided Kayaking
Other Activities:Hiking, Snorkeling
Skill Level:No Experience Necessary
Depart from:Ventura Harbor
Price:$99 + ferry transportation *
Discounts Available for Groups & NonProfits
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Paddlers must already be camping at Scorpion Campground to participate

Kayak from Scorpion Anchorage

For those who camp at Channel Islands National Park’s Scorpion Campground, this kayaking trip is a taste of adventure that launches right from the beach that sits closest to your campsite!

Sea Caves of Scorpion Rock is a 1-hour guided kayaking adventure that covers 1.5 – 3 miles round trip. A Channel Islands Outfitters guide will act as naturalist and cave expert, providing an amazing experience to adventurous paddlers. Participants must be camping at Santa Cruz Island’s Scorpion Campground on the evening prior to this trip due the activity’s early start time. At check-in, a Channel Islands Outfitters guide will issue an Adventure Band (glow-in the dark recycled silicon bracelet) to each paddler. An Adventure Band allows guests to bypass the National Park Service on-island orientation and proceed directly to the CIO base camp. Sea Caves of Scorpion Rock Adventure Bands’ colors will be: Orange and White

Gearing up for a Sea Cave Adventure

Paddlers will meet their Channel Islands Outfitters guide/s at the CIO kayak base camp at the meeting time listed on their confirmation letter with bathing suits on and ready for adventure! Check-in occurs at the CIO base camp where picnic tables, storage lockers, and kayaking equipment for the day are located. Upon arrival at the CIO base camp, each kayaker is issued a wetsuit that is sized to fit (so be honest with heights and weights), along with helmet and PFD (Personal Flotation Device) prior to beginning the kayaking adventure. Wetsuits are necessary for staying warm as well as for protection from the rocks and hard-bodied sea creatures living on them. All Sea Caves of Scorpion Rock adventures explore the sea caves within the Scorpion Marine Reserve.

Exploring Sea Caves by Kayak

Journey east towards Scorpion Rock and the sea caves nestled among this offshore islet. If conditions permit, paddlers will explore the popular “Green Room” known for the emerald green water that is illuminated from underwater holes in the rock. This 1-hour adventure is designed for any paddler over 8 years old and any experience level. The pace is moderate and relaxing, taking in all of the surroundings and exploring each accessible cave one kayaker at a time.

The Rest of Your Day

Following an unforgettable kayaking adventure, visitors typically have free time to enjoy the beach, go for a hike, or try a bit of snorkeling. Several short hikes to beautiful vistas are recommended, your guide will be able to steer you in the right direction for whatever you desire most.

COMPLIMENTARY SNORKELING: morning paddlers may retain their kayaking wetsuit at the end of CIO guided kayaking adventure and use it for the remaining portion of the day if they would like to go snorkeling in Scorpion Marine Reserve. Within the day’s free time, CIO provides masks, snorkels, and fins so that guests may snorkel in the nearby kelp forest and marine reserve. For guests interested in spending additional time snorkeling, a Wetsuit Upgrade may be added to a reservation at time of booking. A Wetsuit Upgrade provides a full wetsuit, neoprene booties, and neoprene hood. Because CIO equipment is sent to and from the islands as ordered by guests, Wetsuit Upgrades must be reserved in advance.

The departing ferry arrives in the afternoon to pick up adventurers, paddlers, and snorkelers for their return to Ventura Harbor. Ferry departure times differ each day, be sure to check your confirmation for travel details.

*Channel Islands Outfitters’ guests may redeem their Adventure Bands following a visit to Channel Islands National Park by showing it to Paddle Sports Center staff in Santa Barbara Harbor for 10% discount on kayak, stand-up paddleboard (SUP), or surfboard rentals.

History of Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island, the largest and most diverse of the eight Channel Islands, has a long and varied history that is tied closely to its physical attributes. Its vast grasslands, coastal scrub vegetation, oak woodlands, and rich coastline sustained the Chumash for millennia and they maintained a number of villages and seasonal settlements on the island. For most of the nineteenth century, mariners found shelter in its coves and hunters and fishermen exploited the marine life. Immigrant ranchers grazed livestock, and the military took advantage of the island’s strategic location.

Chumash Civilization and European Contact Archeological investigations indicate that Santa Cruz Island has been occupied for at least 9,000 years. The island was home to the largest population of island Chumash and developed a highly complex society dependent on marine harvest, craft specialization and trade with mainland groups. The Santa Cruz Island Chumash produced shell beads that they used for currency, which formed an important part of the overall Chumash economy. Those living on the east end of the island mined chert from the numerous island outcroppings to make tiny blades for drilling holes to make the shell disc beads. Native villagers had no known contact with outsiders until the 16th and early 17th centuries. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who is credited with the first European exploration of the California coast, observed at least six villages, though he and his crew never stopped at the island. The villages were called Niquipos, Mazul, Xuga, Nitel, Macamo, and Nimitapal. Cabrillo named the island San Lucas, although the Chumash called it Limuw. READ MORE FROM NPS

What to bring on your island adventure

  • Lunch and snack (hard plastic coolers or durable bags)
  • Water (reusable water bottles preferred)
  • Bathing suit (you will wear this under the wetsuit)
  • Towel
  • Warm clothing (for the ferry ride in the morning)
  • Water shoes that cover the whole foot or that have a heel strap
  • Hat or Visor
  • Synthetic layer for extra warmth such as rashguard, polypro top or other synthetic top
  • Sunscreen/Lip Balm
  • Sunglasses w/ safety strap (example: Chums or Croakies)
  • Waterproof camera or dry case for camera
  • Personal medication

Make your own Getaway

This multi-day adventure takes place when you choose, and usually it is dictated by ferry availability. The first day commonly entails our adventure that is our most popular trip: Caves and Coves kayaking adventure. Other options are available as available You will leave your camping gear with us in our gear boxes while you kayak. All kayaking gear is provided and camping gear is also available for rent.

tent at ScorpinoCamping on Santa Cruz Island:
We arrange your campsite for you ahead of time and your guide will show you to your resting place for the night in the beautiful Eucalyptus grove in Scorpion Valley. The camping area is at least 1/2 mile from the beach so you should prepare to carry your gear to your campsite. We like to refer to it as “primitive car-camping”. This means you can bring the two-burner stove and a cooler, but you should keep the other gear minimal. There are no facilities at the islands other than pit-toilets and running water from spigots. A suggested packing list is sent to you with your trip confirmation.

Other activities:
A great second day adventure would be paddling to Potato harbor and the Sea Caves of Coche Point. You would meet your guide at the beach at 8:30am with your lunch and snack ready to be packed into one of our dry bags. Your kayaking trip on day two is an amazing journey to a remote beach in Potato Harbor, only accessible by kayak or boat. Along the way you will explore several VERY large sea caves (given the right conditions of course!). Enjoy your lunch on the beach and after relaxing in the California sun, head downwind to Scorpion to complete your kayaking journey.

Length of stay:
Most people camp 1 night, unless you want to explore more!

Camping Gear is Available!

  • 2-man Tent:
  • Comfy 2-inch thick Paco Sleeping Pad:
  • Sleeping Bag:
  • Cook Set for up to 4 (stove, lantern, propane, cookware and utensils):

Organic Food Catering

We have partnered with Channel Islands Provisioners to provide organic, local, yummy food for your trip. Food is delivered dockside in health department approved, temperature-controlled containers with a reusable water bottle. Our day trip package include breakfast, lunch, & a snack for everything your need to fill you hungry belly on a island. You will choose your meal choices upon check-out, examples are below including camping menus. Chefs can arrange food for ANY DIET. Vegetarian, Vegan, GF, Pescatarian, no dairy, etc. Food is packaged in reusable containers! Dinners and breakfast will be in boil bags, a stove and boiling pot will be needed (rent!)



Day Trip Package

Ferry breakfast: Market fresh seasonal fruit, nuts, greek yogurt, san marcos honey

    Sandwich options:
  • Roasted Turkey: grilled peppers, roasted onion jam, swiss chard, muenster, flat bread
  • Roasted sweet potato: goat cheese, basil pesto, pickle red onion, baguette
  • Seafood salad: capers, cured olives, spinach, smoked paprika aioli, ciabatta
  • Provisioner’s meatloaf: pepper ketchup, red onion, sharp cheddar, french roll

    Salad options:
  • Chopped: w/ salami & roast turkey, provolone, chick peas, cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, celery, romaine, lemon, olive oil
  • Chipolte Roasted Chicken: w/ sweet corn, black beans, cherry tomato, peppers, corn chips, cilantro-lime dress
  • Vietnamese vegetarian noodle: w/ marinated tofu

Snacks: Provisioner’s trail mix w/ ginger, fresh whole fruit, hummus and vegetables

Camping Additions: 1 night= $89.95/person | 2 nights= $149.95/person

    Dinner Optoins:
  • Roasted Chicken: w/ asparagus, peas, artichokes, charred lemon-herb, sauce, lentils
  • Braised Beef: w/ market vegetables, red wine sauce, polenta
  • Fisherman’s Seafood Stew: w/ seasonal local seafood, celery, onion, carrot, tomato-saffron broth, new potato, crustini
  • Vegetable Pave: w/ eggplant, zucchini, greens, mushroom, house ricotta, tomato sauce, herb pasta

Desserts: Assorted fresh baked cookies, double fudge brownie (addicting)
    Breakfast Options:
  • Baked Omelet: w/ free range eggs, yukon gold potatoes, applewood smoked bacon
  • Fire Roasted Poblanos: w/ queso fresco, roasted tomato salsa

Check Availability

Ferry tickets must be purchased to get to Channel Islands National Park. These are not included in the adventure fee.
Each visit to the Channel Islands is unique, which is why we keep ferry tickets separate. This allows you to choose your own itinerary.

Island Packers is the ferry company that takes us to East Santa Cruz Island, Scorpion ranch. You can purchase tickets through CIO, or you can contact Island Packers and reserve with them. If you have already purchased your own ferry tickets to Scorpion Ranch, simply let us know in the comments box upon check out.

Camping Tickets: Tickets for camping cost a little bit more since the ferry will be transporting camping gear for you. If you would like to camp, you will need to check the National Park Service’s campground availability. If sites exist, and the ferry has availability, you are set for your camping adventure. If you have trouble with this process, or would just prefer to have us do this for you, please call our office. 805-899-4925.

Our Commitment to YOU!

We LOVE what we do! It is our mission to save the oceans and natural places by fostering an understanding of them through education, adventures, and outdoor experiences.

Would you trust a skinny chef? Channel Islands Outfitters is a guide owned and operated company. We have one of the MOST comprehensive training programs in the world for Sit-On-Top kayak guiding into sea caves. CIO guides have over 150 years of combined experiences at the Channel Islands.

Neon was fancy like 30 years ago! Our gear is NEW, comfy, and specific to kayaking. We use NRS and Kokatat gear and our wetsuits are cleaned after every use. Want others to send a “shoulda gone with them glance” your way… join a World-Class CIO Adventure.

Smallest Group Sizes and Choices The islands are not an amusement park attraction, they are a unique and fragile wilderness environment. In consideration of our precious resources and your enjoyment, we keep our group sizes small so that we can minimize our impact and accommodate EVERYONE’s expectation level. We also believe that the type of kayak you choose is a risk management decision, not a financial decision. Our guides will advise you on current conditions when you arrive at the island, and then you can decide whether you want a single or double kayak.

We Have Your Back! Easy to understand cancellation policies, travel insurance, and friendly staff… CIO is a “Yes” company. Find out for yourself!

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It is our mission to save the oceans and natural places by fostering an understanding of them through education, adventures and outdoor experiences.