Happy Government Shutdown

us-national-park-service-yosemite-closed-230x300The National Park Service has officially closed it’s doors, which is difficult to do on an island! Last time this happened in 1996 the shutdown lasted for  3+ weeks, and so we’re really hoping that our elected representatives can agree to appropriate funds for our National Parks to stay open as soon as possible. However until then, we will not be able to operate Island Adventures… which is a tough thing for a seasonal business to do!Let’s dwell on the good things going on! Lobster season opened last weekend, and we are running a very unique Lobster tour of the harbor and the lobster industry there. Its a part of Epicure SB and it includes a lobster or seafood dinner at The Endless Summer or Chuck’s Waterfront Grill.This is the most appropriate use of the word “bummer”! The weather has been spectacular and we have been having such an amazing time out at Santa Cruz Island.If you are on an existing trip, we are going to be notifying you 72 hours prior to your departures… we hope this is sufficient time, but we don’t want to jump ahead too far since we don’t know when the park will re-open. We really hope you can reschedule, but if you cannot a credit or refund will be issued. Please contact us for information for upcoming trips, as we want to continue to service you, but we must wait until our ability to is restored!Thanks for your understanding and support… you rock!Garrett Kababik CEO and Co-Founder

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