Goleta Beach 3.0

Goleta 3.0

The new Paddle Sports Center at Goleta Beach

First of all, THANK YOU! Thank you for your letters to Janet Wolfe and thank you for your understanding and patience as we re-arrange our operations at Goleta Beach. We have received so much amazing support, you are all awesome.Second. We are currently in a holding pattern. We kept the Goleta location open all last week and over Labor Day weekend and we noticed a 90% reduction in overall use. Our new location in the storage yard hasn’t helped, and not being able to post signs hasn’t helped either. Due to this reduction in use we cannot continue staffing Goleta on a regular basis until we can figure out the signage and the storage of gear closer to the beach.Fraser and I have a meeting on Thursday morning this week with the County Supervisor, the Planning Department and the CEO of the County of SB’s assistant. We plan on discussing our legitimate needs and informing these people of our operation and what it requires. We have proposed a long-term solution that would use the abandoned Ranger Station as a Paddle Sports Center and Ocean Awareness Education Center.At this meeting we plan on presenting an overview of the Co-Op and what a location at Goleta means to Co-Op members. We would love to use any videos and pictures that you (Co-Op Members) may have taken while paddling or even to share your feelings about Goleta and what you would like to see. As community members, our collective voice makes a huge difference, and we’d love to hear from you. Just post to YouTube and share the link with us or send us the pictures via email ([email protected]). We will share these stories/pictures/experiences in the Thursday meeting.Hopefully we will soon be able to land into a permanent solution that makes all of us happy! Until then, the Santa Barbara Harbor remains open from 7am to 7pm with Fall hours set to switch on the 17th of September to 8am-6pm.Spectacularly yours,Garrett Kababik

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