Global Weirding

ImageIn early 2013 global carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere reached 400 ppm, surpassing the well regarded “threshold” number of 350 by 15%. It’s a scary number because scientists didn’t expect us to reach this number for another decade. It’s also scary because it’s only getting worse… unless we do something. But what can we do?I still drive my car to work, and I’m using dirty electricity to power the computer that I’m writing this blog on. I’m just as addicted to energy as my fellow humans, maybe a little less than others, but I am part of the problem. But what can I do? I need fossil fuels to be a member of the society, and my business needs fuel to operate. If we were to try and run kayaking trips on an island without burning diesel in the ships engines, it would be a long sail for a much smaller number of people. Yikes!So if I can’t break the addiction, how else can I help? By contributing to projects that gobble (yes gobble) all of that CO2 up and convert it back into O2 we can start the process of reducing the affect that CO2 has on global climate change.┬áPlanting trees and reducing deforestation can have a huge impact. Global forests remove around three billion tons of carbon every year. So if we increase our tree cover, we can hopefully mitigate some of our┬ápollution. The added perk; pretty trees!So in 2013 CIO decided to put our money where our mouths are. We have partnered with to reduce 72 metric tonnes of CO2, which is roughly how much we emit annually. Each year we will calculate our carbon footprint and purchase credits to equalize the equation.Oh yea, and we will also ride our bikes more!

It is our mission to save the oceans and natural places by fostering an understanding of them through education, adventures and outdoor experiences.