panorama Santa Barbara dock SUP

Do You SUP and Share?

panorama Santa Barbara dock SUPStand-up Paddle Boarding (SUPing). The phrase brings up images of people catching waves with their paddles airborne or gliding across the ocean top. The new sport is evolving and still expanding, but one thing is for sure; it is here to stay. So if the sport is more than a fad, how are you going to become a part of it? My suggestion? Come into the Paddle Sports Center and check out our Adventure Co-Op. But why paddle with the Adventure Co-Op instead of buying your own board? There’s an endless list of benefits, but the top 3 are simple.

  1. If you’re new to paddling, you’ll need a little instruction. Having a lesson or at least a quick run through with one of our trained staff will be extremely helpful from balance to technique.
  2. We are creating a community of ocean passionate people and the Co-Op is a great way to find people you want to paddle with. Paddling with pals is always more fun.
  3. Our locations are conveniently next to the water and our staff cleans and cares for all the gear. You wouldn’t have to worry about loading a big board onto your car or finding a place to launch from.
paddle board with dogsWe are ocean people and our main priority, as an establish B Corp, is to benefit the oceans. By creating a space where the equipment can be shared, more people are able to enjoy and learn about the big blue in an affordable manner. We instated the program to makes it easier for folks like yourself to get in the water and enjoy it.Take Laura. Better known as L.J., she is an employee and member and is so passionate about paddling she might meet you out there! L.J. wanted to make sure everyone she cared about in her life got to enjoy the ocean she loved, so she started taking out her dogs with her. “A community, for us, is a group of people that we are going to give benefits to” says CIO senior staff Clay Downing.We want you in that community. Any member can attest to the transformative power the ocean can have no matter the number of times you’ve been on the water. From whale sightings to dolphins leaping out of the water, its a once in a lifetime experience that you can make part of your weekly routine. So go ahead… SUP and share! 

It is our mission to save the oceans and natural places by fostering an understanding of them through education, adventures and outdoor experiences.