Deliberately Delicious

Getting food to our clients on island trips has been a challenge we have struggled with for over 20 years. Health code issues, sanitation, transportation, costs, and waste disposal are some of the major obstacles we have faced over the past two decades. Last year however, Neal Rosenthal and Julia Huffman from Channel Islands Provisioners came to our rescue.

Paul Lynch filming our new video and Chef Rosenthal making an Orizaba Italian!

Paul Lynch from Cage Free Productions filming our new video and Chef Rosenthal from CIP making an Orizaba Italian.

Neal ran into my fiance, Kaia, at the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market (she works with Tutti Frutti farms) in the Fall of 2013 and they struck up a conversation about the Channel Islands and delicious food and the aforementioned challenges we’ve had with getting food to our clients. Neal had been providing Sailors food packages for overnight cruises for several years and established Channel Islands Provisioners to meet the ever-growing demand. Neal understood the challenges of providing food for the islands and also shared our environmental mission tied to the selection of local ingredients, organic farming, and reducing single use waste.

In 2014 we began offering food as an upgrade to all of our adventures. The result… huge success. Neal has a knack for creating delicious and healthy (portion size included) sandwiches and salads that fill you up and make you feel great.

And so in 2015 we are finally launching inclusive food in all of our adventures. How does it work? It’s easy; you select your lunch choice and let us know of any diet requests and Neal will deliver your freshly made lunch and a snack to the dock at Island Packers just before your departure on the ferry. A cooler will be provided for convenience to keep your food fresh, or you can take your food for a small snack on your ferry ride!

I think you’ll really like the menu choices. They were inspired by local ingredients, popular favorites, and flavor profiles that we think represent the Channel Islands in a very special way.

Cueva Chicken Sandwich

Cueva Chicken Sandwich

First we have the Organic Cueva Chicken Sandwich or Salad. The chargrilled herb encrusted chicken is moist and flavorful on it’s own. And then we wanted to add some juice and sweetness without resorting to a sugary sauce and so we borrowed some flavor from fresh apples mixed into a low-fat cowl-slaw with crisp cabbage that is robust with hints of a crunchy summer BBQ. Topped with a sharp cheddar cheese and served on a fresh made baguette this sandwich reminds you of a nice evening anchored at Cueva on the West end of Santa Cruz Island watching the sun go down. Go Gluten Free- remove the bread and have all of this sliced for placement on organic romaine lettuce ($3 more).


Delicious Italian Meats for the Orizaba

Next we thought we should reinvent a popular favorite with the Orizaba Italian Sandwich or Salad. A good Italian starts with fresh meats that blend the dry flavor of a good salami, the greasier mortaella, and the salty and smokey ham with a special house made giardiniera (think olive tempenade with more flavor) and then balanced out with a dijon aioli. Then to top it off, two flavorful Italian cheeses (Mozzarella and Provolone) on a fresh made baguette. It’s hard to slow down while eating this Italian as each bite is just another mouthful of amazing flavor. You can have this set-up like an antipasto over a bed of organic romaine tossed in extra virgin olive oil ($3 more).


Diablo Veggie Salad (+$3)

And last we went down the vegetarian route with our Organic Diablo Veggie Wrap or Salad. This nutricions and hearty creation will supply you with a satisfied belly to refuel after a good island adventure. The spicy white bean and dried tomato spread is a dynamic blend of blended beans and sweet tomato with a hint of cayenne spice and garlic. The texture is rounded out with the charbroiled eggplant, and you get a nice crunchy finish with the seasonal greens, Persian cucumbers, and heirloom carrots tossed in the lemon olive oil dressing. Keeping this low calorie meal together is a whole wheat wrap, or you can get this tossed in organic romaine with extra virgin olive oil ($3 more).

Because every meal needs a little salty/savory finish, we blended organic plantain chips and organic corn nuts for a Gluten Free snack to accompany whatever option you choose above.

One of the biggest problems with the modern production of food is how far the food travels before it’s consumed. Therefore we sourced all of our ingredients within the greater Santa Barbara region (100 miles in all directions). We also used organic ingredients in almost every ingredient except for the meats in the Italian, only because we haven’t been able to find a high quality salami that is organic and local… yet.

Our packaging and labels were carefully sourced so that they could be left in a compost bin and they would quickly become soil again. Even the glue on the labels is vegetable based, and we avoided corn packaging (ask us about why corn packaging is not a viable solution to plastic).

We also offer a deluxe package which includes 3 delicious breakfast choices including the guide favorite Warm Breakfast Bun (pastry, ham, eggs, spinach, and mozzarella) and more lunch options like the Chopped Salad, Provisioner’s Meatloaf, Seafood Salad, and the Sweet Potato w/ Pesto and Goat Cheese sandwich (one of my favorites!).

Camper catering also available where all you have to do is boil water and enjoy. The camper menus are built to match seasonality of ingredients. Call us to find out what we’re currently creating. If it’s in season, I suggest the seafood cioppino.

We look forward to serving you an amazing adventure and a healthy, delicious meal!

Garrett Kababik CEO, Co-Founder

It is our mission to save the oceans and natural places by fostering an understanding of them through education, adventures and outdoor experiences.