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Mermaids Sighted on OCEAN DAY

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Mermaids Sighted on Ocean Day

When my sister and I were younger, we were infatuated with the Disney Princess “The Little Mermaid”. All we wanted was to grow up to be mermaids and swim “under the sea”. This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to make that dream come true. I attended the World Ocean Day celebration put forth by Channel Islands Outfitters and the Save The Mermaids. The ocean-friendly group consisted of men and women who cleaned up… Read more »

Do You SUP and Share?

Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUPing). The phrase brings up images of people catching waves with their paddles airborne or gliding across the ocean top. The new sport is evolving and still expanding, but one thing is for sure; it is here to stay. So if the sport is more than a fad, how are you going to become a part of it? My suggestion? Come into the Paddle Sports Center and check out our Adventure Co-Op. … Read more »

Marine Reserves at 30,000 feet

If you were flying on a US Airways flight around the world in April, you may have found yourself flipping through the pages of the in-flight magazine and found this article: We are happy to be working with the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and National Park along with Santa Barbara Channelkeeper to spread awareness of the Marine Protection Areas (MPAs) in our region. MPAs are ocean ecosystems closed to fishing, hunting, and gathering… Read more »

Pelican Whisperer

The four Taiwanese girls had never seen anything like it, but to be honest it was a first for me as well. I’m around California brown pelicans a lot, and I know juvenile brown pelicans can have a difficult time adjusting to life away from the security of their mothers and the nest.  When it comes time to strike out on their own it involves learning how to fly and diving to catch food… Read more »

CIO is a For Benefit Corporation

We are excited to take action with you – our Channel Islands Outfitters community, partners and friends – to build a better world. We are excited to keep pushing the boundaries of how business can drive change…how our business, and you, our customers, can be the solution and truly build the movement to save the oceans and natural places. Now, every time you join us for an adventure, use your Co-Op Membership, or join… Read more »