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Mermaids Sighted on OCEAN DAY

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World Ocean Day!

humpback whale

Last week a 100,000+ gallon oil spill soiled the Gaviota Coast from a ruptured on-shore pipeline. Fortunately the Channel Islands were not affected, but the result of which has affected numerous species of marine birds and mammals. All of our operations continue to run and there hasn’t been any impact at the Channel Islands, nor do we expect there to be any. It has however sparked a very interesting conversation about off-shore drilling and… Read more »

Mermaids Sighted on Ocean Day

When my sister and I were younger, we were infatuated with the Disney Princess “The Little Mermaid”. All we wanted was to grow up to be mermaids and swim “under the sea”. This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to make that dream come true. I attended the World Ocean Day celebration put forth by Channel Islands Outfitters and the Save The Mermaids. The ocean-friendly group consisted of men and women who cleaned up… Read more »

Paddling on Glass

Picture yourself standing on the Sterns Wharf in Santa Barbara on an overcast day. It’s quiet and still; no waves crashing just the soft sound of the ripples lapping against the pylons. No one is around, and the water is one endless mirror reflecting the sky and boats. This is a day for paddling. Most folks wait until sunny days, when the waves are high and the winds are howling, but the best days are… Read more »

Pelican Whisperer

The four Taiwanese girls had never seen anything like it, but to be honest it was a first for me as well. I’m around California brown pelicans a lot, and I know juvenile brown pelicans can have a difficult time adjusting to life away from the security of their mothers and the nest.  When it comes time to strike out on their own it involves learning how to fly and diving to catch food… Read more »


I just recently watched the documentary film called The Whale. This film showcases the life of an Orca, named Luna, stuck all alone in the fiords of British Columbia; a place called Nootka Sound. It is a beautiful story about humans and whales that I highly recommend (bring along some tissues!). If you have an urge to visit a whale in person, then the Santa Barbara Channel beckons you! The amicable California Gray Whale… Read more »