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Mermaids Sighted on OCEAN DAY

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5 Common SUP Beginner Mistakes

Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) is for everyone. Well, it can be for everyone. Sadly, there are those who become deterred after their first paddle and sign off on the ocean sport. So what exactly goes wrong for that percentile of potential paddlers? Is it the cold wet element or the sore muscles the morning after? There are countless reasons this comes about, but what it boils down to is the sport is more technical… Read more »

Do You SUP and Share?

Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUPing). The phrase brings up images of people catching waves with their paddles airborne or gliding across the ocean top. The new sport is evolving and still expanding, but one thing is for sure; it is here to stay. So if the sport is more than a fad, how are you going to become a part of it? My suggestion? Come into the Paddle Sports Center and check out our Adventure Co-Op. … Read more »

Update: Meeting with SB County– GOLETA WILL BE OPEN THROUGH APRIL 31st 2013

Happy Saturday. Our meeting with the Santa Barbara County on Thursday went well and here are the updates. We will be OPEN starting Sept 13th from 11am to 4pm Thursday though Monday. Goleta will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Santa Barbara will be open 7 days a week 7am-7pm right now and from 8am-6pm starting the 17th of this month. We are finalizing a new storage location for the kayaks and SUPs on the… Read more »

5 Reasons To “Walk On Water” This Summer

Until recently, walking on water was a talent reserved for deities and those dwelling in very cold places. Now, thanks to the mainstream birth of Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP), walking on water has become a highly popular and fun activity at waterfronts world-wide. 6 years after we first brought SUPs into our shop in the Santa Barbara Harbor, this sport has taken on a whole new character. From the shapes and makes of the SUP boards, to… Read more »