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Mermaids Sighted on OCEAN DAY

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World Ocean Day!

humpback whale

Last week a 100,000+ gallon oil spill soiled the Gaviota Coast from a ruptured on-shore pipeline. Fortunately the Channel Islands were not affected, but the result of which has affected numerous species of marine birds and mammals. All of our operations continue to run and there hasn’t been any impact at the Channel Islands, nor do we expect there to be any. It has however sparked a very interesting conversation about off-shore drilling and… Read more »

Carbon Off-Set Adventures

Each year we purchase carbon credits from in order to neutralize our impact on the earth. We calculate the amount of carbon we off-set by determining how much fuel the ferry burns on a 20 mile journey across the Santa Barbara Channel and divide that by the average number of passengers on the ferry each day. We then use a formula that calculates how many metric tonnes of carbon is emitted when 1… Read more »

Mermaids Sighted on Ocean Day

When my sister and I were younger, we were infatuated with the Disney Princess “The Little Mermaid”. All we wanted was to grow up to be mermaids and swim “under the sea”. This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to make that dream come true. I attended the World Ocean Day celebration put forth by Channel Islands Outfitters and the Save The Mermaids. The ocean-friendly group consisted of men and women who cleaned up… Read more »

Global Weirding

In early 2013 global carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere reached 400 ppm, surpassing the well regarded “threshold” number of 350 by 15%. It’s a scary number because scientists didn’t expect us to reach this number for another decade. It’s also scary because it’s only getting worse… unless we do something. But what can we do? I still drive my car to work, and I’m using dirty electricity to power the computer that I’m… Read more »

Mission Creek Clean-Up

Helping  hands led the day at 8:30am. Horny Toad, REI, Channel Islands Outfitters, and members of the local community set out lend a humble hand in helping Mother Earth. Although not  meant to exist in our local waterway, many pieces of styrofoam, plastic debris, abondaned shoes, painted wood, cigarette butts, broken glass and other pieces were collected and removed.   It’s funny, another message in a bottle was even found.  The first showing up at… Read more »