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Carbon Off-Set Adventures


Each year we purchase carbon credits from in order to neutralize our impact on the earth.

We calculate the amount of carbon we off-set by determining how much fuel the ferry burns on a 20 mile journey across the Santa Barbara Channel and divide that by the average number of passengers on the ferry each day. We then use a formula that calculates how many metric tonnes of carbon is emitted when 1 gallon of diesel is burned. This gives us an idea of how much carbon we are emitting into the atmosphere each year with respect to ferry travel.

We also calculate the distance each of our employees travels each day to get to and from work. Add to this the amount of electricity we consume and we have our total amount of carbon emissions.

The absorption of CO2 into the ocean is the leading cause of ocean acidification. In many other businesses throughout this world, you have to purchase carbon credits on top of your service fee. Here at Channel Islands Outfitters we feel it hypocritical to pass this on to you when it is our mission to help save the oceans, therefore we take it upon ourselves to neutralize an inevitable side affect of traveling to an off-shore island.

Thank you for supporting us and loving the oceans!

It is our mission to save the oceans and natural places by fostering an understanding of them through education, adventures and outdoor experiences.