Anacapa Trash Clean-Up Day

Channel Islands National Park Island Clean-Up Day

Located 90 miles from Los Angeles California, The Channel Islands National Park may be one of the remote, pristine, and diverse National Parks that America has to offer.  Anacapa Island, known for it’s magnificent arches, the world’s largest Brown Pelican nursery, endless sea caves, and spectacular kayaking had it’s beaches cleaned.  Island Packers organized, as they do every year a steam around the island picking up all the trash we could find.  We pulled out boat remains, tons of plastic, endless amounts of fishing buoy’s and nets.  Heck, they even found a shopping cart, 25 miles offshore of Santa Barbara.  Paddle Sports of Santa Barbara supplied boats and crew to honorable endeavor.  This year there has been a noticeable reduction in the amount of garbage (recyclable or not) found on the beaches.

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