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CIO Family and Friends…

CIO was not selected to continue operating at the Channel Islands National Park, Scorpion Ranch, despite our best efforts.

This news is very sad to us because we built an amazing team of professional guides committed to preserving and protecting the Park resources and providing safe and educational adventures.

Our staff of 25 guides combined for over 300 years of experience at the islands, they were paid living wages and given health insurance. The Park required 5 days of training, we required 15. All of our guides were trained as Wilderness First Responders or higher.

We are a certified B Corp with “Best for the World” and “Best for the Community” honors. This is the highest standard in the world for social and environmental stewardship.

We donated 1% of our gross sales to local organizations that helped further our mission.

We provided a healthy and locally/organic sourced food option in all of our tours using no plastic packaging.

We had a recycling and composting program for solid waste accumulated at the islands.

We have been the only company at the Channel Islands to provide a guided snorkeling tour into the Marine Sanctuary and Scorpion Marine Reserve using high quality equipment and naturalist trained guides and we were the only company to offer a fully private experience.

Over the past 25 years, CIO (previously PSSB) has been a big family. We have played together, worked together, laughed together, cried together, and we have fought for our values together. For many of us this is the end of a chapter in our lives that we didn’t want to finish. But the family will remain and a new chapter will begin. We may move on to other passions but I am confident that we will continue the same mission for healthy oceans and natural places.

And don’t forget, our work continues at the Paddle Sports Center in Santa Barbara and Goleta. Please visit us there and become a member! Ocean fitness is a Santa Barbara tradition.

Big Thanks to all who supported us over the years, it’s been an absolute pleasure.


All gift certificates will be transferred into credit to be used at the Paddle Sports Center.

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CIO’s Paddle Sports Center has two convenient locations in Santa Barbara and at Goleta Beach. Visit our Paddle Sports Center website.

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It is our mission to save the oceans and natural places by fostering an understanding of them through education, adventures and outdoor experiences.